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Neuro Cognitive

Courses 08 Dec 2022

Neuro cognitive restructuring techniques are suitable and can benefit children with special needs and those

Group Occupation.

Courses 23 Mar 2021

This session is run by a Resident Qualified Occupational Therapist at school. Each class gets

Art & Handwork

Courses 01 Jan 2021

These lessons take place every Tuesday (Handwork) and Wednesday (Art) from 2.30pm to 3.30pm. The

Cooking Lessons

Courses 01 Jan 2021

Every year towards the close of the year, our children take part in cooking as

Field Excursion

Courses 01 Jan 2021

Towards the end of every quarter, our children go out to at least one field

Horse Back Riding

Courses 01 Jan 2021

A horse called Magic comes to our school every Monday and Tuesday morning and every

Sports and Swimming

Courses 01 Jan 2021

Our teachers are in charge of this lesson and it happens every Wednesday from 2.30pm


Courses 01 Jan 2021

Each child at school has their small patch of land where they till, make it

Dance Theater

Courses 01 Jan 2021

This lesson is slotted in for every Thursday afternoon from 2.30pm to 3.30pm headed by


Courses 01 Jan 2021

At Rainbow therapies, we have Speech-language therapists who work with our children to prevent, assess,