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Neuro Cognitive

8 December 2022 SirDarancoh Comments Off

Neuro cognitive restructuring techniques are suitable and can benefit children with special needs and those with learning difficulties showing the following characteristics;

•    ADD and ADHD

•    Visual and auditory attention problems

•    Behavior problems

•    Reading problems

•    Reading comprehension difficulties

•    Writing difficulties

•    Problems in numeracy

•    Gross and fine motor difficulties

•    Inability to see visual outlines

•    Chewing and swallowing problems

•    Inability to perceive danger, hunger, pain and hot/cold sensations

•    Social interaction difficulties

•    Sleep problems

•    Constant and persistent anxiety 

What are Neuro cognitive restructuring techniques?

Different parts of the brain perform specific functions and it’s the coordination of these parts that brings about a well functioning person. If a particular part of the brain responsible for a particular function is delayed in development or is permanently damaged, then it’s most likely that a person with that defect will never be able to perform some particular skills. But through a series of neuro-cognitive restructuring techniques, the brain is able to rewire by developing new neural pathways enabling the unaffected parts of the brain take up the roles of the damaged parts. A child will then start performing tasks that he/she had failed to perform before.

Neuro-cognitive restructuring techniques also referred to as developmental patterns are specific movements that are done repetitively with the entire body. These movements are innate to babies throughout the world. Developmental patterns play a key role in integrating retained primitive reflexes. Triggering these reflexes stimulate the development of neurological pathways. Primitive reflexes need to be integrated in order for the cortex to be in control. These movements should be done without verbal instruction or modelling. These movements include; Log Rolls, Swords, Lizards and creeping coupled with proprioceptive and vestibular activities. These movements develop the PONS. If Children exhibit any of the above mentioned characteristics then it’s due to the underdeveloped PONS. Fully developed PONS helps us have access to natural brain processing functions associated with it. In the initial stages of neurological development, the connections are not strong and therefore every time the child engages in neurocognitive movements, these networks are strengthen.