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FIeld Excursion

FIeld Excursion

Towards the end of every quarter, our children go out to at least one field excursion. This depends on the topics they learn in various subjects.

The field excursions give them an opportunity to be exposed to public life and to learn how to carry themselves in the public. It improves their self-esteem and teaches them how to interact with strangers.


Previously, they had a chance to visit Nakumatt Westgate, Getrude children hospital, Medeterrenio restaurant & this year they went to Textbook Centre-Sarit, East FM-Lion place and a nature trail in Karura Forest.

Through these, our children have grown socially, emotionally and an improvement in their interpersonal skills has been noted.


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Rainbow Therapies

  • Our Motto Open or Close
    Our Motto

    ‘Unleashing your child’s fullest potential’

  • Our Vision Open or Close

    All our children should be able to develop the skills to achieve their personal best and to be able to take full advantage of all learning opportunities to lead them to an independent and happy future.

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    Our Mission

    For all to work in harmony to achieve every student’s potential

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    Learning to grow into independent future citizens

    To be able to live and learn in a community

    To treat everyone as we would want to be treated

    To be respectful of ourselves, others, our institution and the wider community

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